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                   Nursery Unit                                                                                  Living Room Unit

HVAC Replacement Update                                       4/9/2018

The HVAC System Replacement is progressing very well. 1st Phase of the replacement is the
Chapel / Nursery / Living Room. The Chapel Corridor, Nursery and Living Room A/C units are all
installed. Some wall modifications were required in the Chapel and this work is in progress.
The Chapel units should be installed in the next 2-weeks.                                                                     

All interior refrigerant lines for Phase 1 have been installed (located above the ceiling) and the
electrical and control wiring is currently being installed.                                                                 

The exterior Heat Pump Unit (heart of the system) for Phase 1 and its refrigerant lines will be
installed in the next 3 weeks.                                                                                                               

Phase 2 of the new system is the Education (Classroom) wing.  Refrigerant lines are currently
being installed in this area.                                                                                                                       

The contractor's (Vision Air Services) construction crew have been very courteous and respectful
of our church and are doing an excellent job.                                                                                                                         

Thank you, and if you have any questions, technical or otherwise,
Please contact one of the Oversight Committee members. 

The Oversight Committee
Bridget Muller, Ralph Manis, Larry Hinkle, Mike Chieppo      


HVAC Replacement Update                                            2/11/2018

About 3 months ago we had a Minute for Mission where we discussed that our
aged heating and air conditioning system has provided us with good service over
the last 65 years, but now due to it's age, it will no longer properly heat, cool or 
provide humidity control for our church.  It's time for it to be retired. 
In those last 3 months we've had an hvac engineer, a mechanical engineer, an 
electrical engineer, a structural engineer and a fire protection engineer look at our 
building and develop a set of Plans and Specifications,
From the plans and specifications, we had 3-contractors bid the hvac system
replacement and the low bid contractor, Vision Air Services, was selected. 
Vision Air has completed many projects with this type of system and they came  
recommended by the manufacturer and a current system owner.  Total cost of the 
new system is $660,000.00.  We signed a contract 3-weeks ago with Vision Air 
and installation will begin the week of 2/11.  Completion is expected around the 
1st of July.
An Oversight Committee consisting of 2-Trustees and 2-Session members has
been formed.  They will inspect the project on a regular basis, control finances
and make update reports to the Congregation.  The oversight committee members 
are Bridget Muller, Ralph Manis, Larry Hinkle and Mike Chieppo.
The construction sequence will be: 
1. Chapel / Nursery and Living Room
2. Education Wing / Conference Room / Scout Room / Archives and Library
3. Sanctuary / Choir Room and Narthexes (Upper and Lower)
4. Fellowship Hall
The new system will be a Heat Pump type system called Variable Refrigerant Flow.
It's one of the highest, if not the highest, energy efficient systems available today. 
The system is reliable, provides more temperature controlled zones, will be easier
to operate and maintain, and will serve us for many years to come.
Thank you, and if you have any questions, technical or otherwise, Please
feel free to contact one of the Oversight Committee members and we will get  
back to you.
Thank you, we look forward to a great project and we'll keep you posted.
The Oversight Committee

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